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Counselor & Family Mediator


Searching and redefining

In 2010 I graduated with a Masters in Law and started teaching and researching at university. However, quite soon I understood that I am much more interested in human interaction than books. The summer of 2012 marked the start of a challenging process of reorientation when I began training to become a family mediator, combining this with several additional psychology courses. I then switched to education and obtained a teacher’s degree, working for eight years in various coordinating positions in different schools. However, throughout these years, I continued to call on the mediation skills acquired and continued to develop them. In 2018 I felt the need to truly take this forward, taking my first steps as a dedicated family mediator. That year I also started a systemic counselor’s training so that I would be able to guide parents in their search for designing (plus)parenthood and dealing with the accompanying challenges. In the meantime, I have acquired quite some expertise with regards to partner relationship counseling as well, whereby couples and individuals who are looking for a better life together or separately make up a large share of my clients.   

This is me as well

Mother of three young children, partner, daughter, friend... balancing all these different roles. A fascinating quest, with highs and lows, always bouncing back and facing the future with greater insight and lasting curiosity.​


Trust central

Mediation and counseling are valuable approaches to dealing with differing views and conflict. As a family mediator I want to be the connecting element between partners, ex-partners, plus/co- and grandparents and children. I want to offer them a safe space where they can speak freely in a language we can all understand. And where I can help them articulate their feelings more effectively. These are the necessary elements for achieving a sustainable solution and better living together or apart.

Children and mediation 

During my family mediation practice, I have learned how important it is to listen to the children involved. I try to fully understand their feelings, expectations and ideas through separate conversations. Afterwards we discuss which aspects from our private conversations can be shared with the parents who will ultimately make the decisions.

Systemic counseling 

As a systemic counselor, I aim to understand how people interact with their environment, in order to address linear causal problem representations differently. Valuable ideas from, among others, narrative, cognitive and behavioral therapy also are part of my practice..

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