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Why mediation is a must for separating p


Away from the conflict and the legal process


As a family mediator, I deal with conflicts both during or after a parental breakup. I offer a way forward beyond the conflicts and legal proceedings, and try to create space for new understandings and outcomes that are suitable for you. Mediation is based on free will and at all times you remain in control to halt it also.



I aim to create a shared language that allows you to move forward. This will often result in practical agreements, for example through divorce or parental mediation. Your agreements will be legally binding and put in writing. These agreements can subsequently be confirmed by the court, giving them the same value as a court decision. However, the outcome could also be a better understanding of each other’s needs and concerns, allowing you to detect old (communication) patterns faster and replace them by new constructive ones.


In family mediation, in particular parental mediation, it is important to take into account the opinions and needs of all those involved, including those of the children whose specific needs should be heard as well.  I believe it is important to listen to them bilaterally and provide feedback to the parents who ultimately will make the decisions.


The Federal Mediation Commission explains the principles of mediation and the role of the (accredited) mediator. Do not hesitate to contact me for further information about mediation or my specific way of working. 

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