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On the way to a better life


Counseling for couples

This type of counseling is for couples who feel trapped or stuck in their relationship, who see their individuality and intimacy being replaced by irritation or misunderstanding.

We will explore how you talk to each other about every day issues, but also about more sensitive issues, aiming overall to create a shared language that enables safe and open communication. We talk about critical moments, (unspoken) feelings and thoughts and look at what it takes to move forward, together or separately.

Counseling for individuals

Adults and adolescents who feel trapped in their family, in their partnership or any other type of relationship can also opt for one-on-one sessions. We search to better understand the challenges you are dealing with, what you would need to overcome them and who can be of help to move forward with the life you have chosen.

Counseling for parents

This type of counseling is aimed at parents who feel stuck in their relationship with their children or in the difficulties their child(ren) or they themselves are dealing with. Parents who are looking for the concrete design of their motherhood/fatherhood are welcome also. Depending on the concrete requests, we will look at how you can regain control of your role as a parent, and how you can face more effectively the difficulties you are dealing with, or what parenthood means to you specifically.

Plus/stepparents who are looking for their place in the education of their plus/stepchildren are also welcome.

Grandparents who are concerned about their (grand)child and are looking for tools to handle their (often complex) situation are also welcome.


In the search for meaning and for elements that make it possible to bend certain patterns of thought and reaction, I rely on systemic and narrative frameworks. We look at how people interact with their environment and how we try to record our lives as a consistent story. Valuable methods from cognitive and behavioral therapy are also implemented in my practice.

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