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Counseling & Family Mediation

Praat.punt wants to create time and space to reflect upon the dynamics in your relationship as a couple, as a family or as parents. We search for a common language that allows us to capture and better understand the current situation in order to make another perspective possible. With such new perspectives, one can start again.

On the way to a better life

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Why mediation is a must for separating p

Away from the conflict and the legal process

I look at the world from a people-oriented perspective. I'm curious about who is in front of me.



from Monday to Friday during office hours
evening consultations on Monday and Wednesday

Honoré Longtinstraat  132
1090  Jette
within walking distance of metro Belgica
easy to reach with bus 14 (Belgica) and tram 51 (Odon Warland)

t +32 489 24 51 06

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